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If You Want It, You Can Get It

How many of us tend to talk down to ourselves? See a goal we’d love to reach, that elusive six pack, that new pant size, the successful completion of a program… and then say “Oh I can’t. That can’t be me.” Are you guilty of that self-defeating thought process? I know I’ve been at times in the past but for some reason, when I saw that first P90X commercial 5 years ago, that mentality changed. Then and there I knew I could do it and the rest is history.

But if you’re looking in the mirror and thinking “That can’t be me”, I’m here to tell you, without question and 100% honestly… YES IT CAN BE.

First off, I’m here to tell you that you rock. You are worth anything and everything you aspire to. Know that if you don’t see it, I do. I may not know you personally right now, we may never have met in person but I’m telling you– EVERYONE has potential beyond what they themselves can see. You are no different.

So, knowing what I know, knowing you CAN get that six pack, can lose that weight and CAN get fit and then some… here’s the question in relation to your goals:


Excuses, As Always, Are Invalid

You may be feeling anxiety with your weight, your progress, your motivation and maybe even how you could possibly get to your goals. You may be wrestling with the excuse of “I don’t have time for this” (an excuse unequivocally TKO’d by Focus T25). The first one– anxiety–totally get it. This journey can be uncomfortable. Losing fat and getting fit takes real, genuine change and may feel a little overwhelming at times. I was there too… and that’s OK! Getting fit and changing years of crappy habits isn’t a walk in the park.

But KNOWING it’s not going to be easy? That’s where you get ahead in the game as when you hit those spots, you know it’s not time to quit.

Completing a program like P90X, Insanity, Combat or Body Beast is something that takes effort and breaking through comfort zones. But you know what? SUCCESS is on the other side of discomfort which, 10/10 times, is improvement and muscle memory the next week… and the week after that.

Take the step, take the plunge and discover that truth. You’ll grow and you’ll change. I can absolutely promise you that.

But that whole “I’m too busy thing?” I won’t buy it. You shouldn’t either. There is always time for what you prioritize… and if you’re not prioritizing, you’re selling yourself short, disregarding loved ones and ignoring the game-changing freedom and confidence that comes with seeing and accomplishing a program while achieving more than jut “looking good”– but living in a world where you can enjoy your full potential to LIVE in.

Yes… You CAN

Success is simple: Stick with it, do what it takes and you’ll have what it takes to rock your program and goals. Take advantage of’s Facebook presence with Fit Spot, the support you’ll receive from me as your coach and the wealth of knowledge contained in your program and its nutrition guides. Sacrifice time, sacrifice the comfort of what feels cozy now so you can achieve the ultimate comfort of success and a life better lived.

Those who do the work- no matter how uncomfortable, no matter what the clock says, no matter the easy excuse- and make the sacrifices are the ones you see rocking their transformations and reaping the reward.

After all…


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