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HDIGF All-Star Playlist II

Here it is– Round II of the monthly HDIGF All-Star Playlist. Sure we know most Beachibody programs provide their own music buuuut… they also provide a “no music” option to help you keep things fresh and customizable. So….If you’re feeling adventurous and are interested to what others on the HDIGF team enjoy listening to when they’re pushing through their workouts, this is the place to test the waters… and maybe even find something you can add to your own mix.

As with the previous playlist, I received a pretty good variety coming from a range of styles including more dubstep, old classics and some country and pop stuff you may already be familiar with. As a spoiler warning, some lyrics aren’t necessarily for the kids and may drop some “poo-poo mouth”, so heads up on that if you’ve got sensitive ears.

In the mean time…Wala! Your HDIGF All-Star Playlist for the month of April:

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