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“Hard” Is A Fitness Roadblock. Run It Over.

(Fill in the blank) is Hard“.

We’ve all used the “hard” word at one time or another, right? And in a lot of cases, that’s just fine. Insanity is tough. P90X is tough. But I’m not talking about “tough”. I’m talking about how the word “hard” is overused as a subtle excuse: “Eating clean is hard”. “Pressing play every day is hard”. “Staying accountable is hard”.

I’m not sure where it was engrained in us but I’m pretty sure I remember using those same words when I was a kid. I’m also pretty sure it carried over into my adult life when I was overweight, feeling heartburn, breathing heavy and knowing I needed to do something about it all… but not liking the way I felt (out of breath, burning in my legs… tired) when I strapped on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement.

I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point- mentally detouring the path to what we really want with barricades of “That’s too hard. “When we use “hard” word, we tend to preemptively excuse something we don’t want to commit to, subconsciously or no. And of  course…  that gets us nowhere.

I was chatting with a buddy today and we started talking about how we use the word “hard” in our lives. He brought up a good point: Is anything really ever “hard” if we want to do it? In some ways things may be difficult, require more effort, a little extra time or dedication or focus but when we use the word “hard”, too often it’s to excuse our way out of something we simply don’t want to do.

But it’s all too easy to fall into that trap, isn’t it? If you’ve watched Biggest Loser you see over and over and over again the mentality of people coming in. The mentality of “It’s too hard- I’ll never be able to do it. I’ve tried everything.” And what happens by the end of the season? With dedication, with someone kicking their butt and showing them how EASY it is and that they’re NOT an exception, the contestants, one by one, remove the “Hard” roadblock and realize they simply need to make choices and act on those choices. They were never the exception. They just didn’t want to make the choice. But when they did? Success.

In the end, it’s that easy: Work out. Eat right. Rinse, repeat.

So here it is- remove “hard” from your vocabulary when it comes to what your goals are.

Replace “hard” with “Achievable” and “I CAN”. You CAN do anything, you CAN get virtually anything you put your mind to and take action to achieve. I believe in you! Fit Spot! has your back!

The point is to DO… to punch the barrier of “hard” in the face and show yourself and those you love “HARD” is nothing. It’s an excuse you’ve put behind you on your road to success.

The time for dilly-dallying is over. You’ve got this. Plug in to Fit Spot! and real-world coaching right here. 

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