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Get Out Of The Fat Hole

If you’re on the quest to lose weight and torch fat (and if you’re reading this, chances are high you ARE), you have to realize something: You’re in a hole.

I know that sounds all kinds of depressing. After all, holes come ready-made and generally imagined as a pit of dark nothing. They’re what you fall into, can’t dig out of and stuff with pie. Time to break that little thundercloud wide open– I don’t want you to look at it that way. I want you to look at the hole you’re standing in as a starting point.

See, by picking up Insanity, P90X or any other Beachbody program, you’ve been given a ladder. A grippy, fat-torching fitness ladder that touches the bottom of the hole (I’m calling it the “fat hole”) you’re in and reaches up and out into the bright day of your goals; whether that’s getting back to high school weight, toning up, beefing out or anywhere in between. For some, that fitness ladder may be a few rungs. For others, that fitness ladder may be a castle-scaling wall of rungs… but know this: your P90x/Insanity ladder IS the way out and by following the program through, you’re taking steps up… with every step driving you a bit further than the one before.

So here’s the deal and why I’m talking about ladders and holes (the words of the day, apparently). See, my buddy and I flap our gums about persistence and quitting quite a bit– why people who commit to losing weight and getting healthier or carving up their physique drop off and refuse to commit to the changes necessary for reaching their fitness goals. In ladder/hole talk it means this: Why is it so many pick up their ladder, climb a few steps up… and then jump off? We came to a conclusion…

Ladders Take Climbing… But Most Climbing Is In The Hole

Even with a few steps climbed, people still see they’re “in the hole”. People see themselves as stuck and at step one when in fact they’re in the process of climbing out of it and in many cases, have climbed past it.

Think about it.

You’re in the hole every step of the way until you reach the top of that ladder. You may be closer to the top but you’re still on the ladder which, for all intents and purposes is still “in the fat hole”. The walls may look the same. There’s yet another rung in front of you. And it’s here people don’t look up… they just jump off the fitness ladder and stay in the fat hole.

Don’t Be a Ladder Jumping Fat Hole Dweller

Believe in yourself. Believe you deserve better. Know you’re stronger. Know excuses are lame and a dime a dozen. Know the work you put into nutrition and working out mean something and whether you see it or not, things are changing and have changed for the better since the day before.

I say this time and time again but you’re not going to change overnight! You’ve made decisions compounded over months and years that have brought you to a place you want to change. Now it’s time to reverse course and make better decisions every day moving forward to climb that ladder back out.

Don’t jump off.

Don’t stay in the hole.


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