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Get Involved!

A quick post today but one that isn’t any less important than the lengthy, sock-it-to-me posts I’m sometimes prone to write. This one was inspired by a rallying cry from none other than the fitness Mama and Lady-Friend I’m proud to call “My Wife”. See, Mari-Catherine (Tony Horton named a lunge after her… at least, we like to pretend he did) not only a positive presence HDIGF’s Private Facebook page “Dan V.’s Fit Spot”, she’s also a spin and boot camp instructor at Gold’s Gym.

After three kids and a rockin’ body, she knows a thing or two about success and helping others achieve their own. She’s a two-fer “bonus” you get when you join theHDIGF team and honestly, Mari-Catherine kicks all kinds of booty.

So what’s her secret? The secret she feels will get you in fighting shape?

“Get involved!! I think it makes or breaks success. This group [Dan V.’s Fit Spot] is a killer support system and calls you to the table if you get involved. So DO IT!! Get involved and let all of us help you “Bring it”, “Dig deep” and be successful!”

And really, that’s what the group is all about– getting involved and staying plugged in. As awesome independent as you may think you are, I promise… once you plug into our community you’ll see what you’re missing. There’s just something about knowing you’re not in it alone, that others are dealing with the same daily struggles and successes and that other people CARE ABOUT SEEING YOU SUCCEED that lights the fires.

“I wasn’t going to beast it up today [Body Beast] until I saw that my [Challenge] group was doing it. FB groups aren’t there to annoy you… they are there to call you to the table and get you to KILL IT!! WOO WOO!!!”

That’s the enthusiasm you get as part of a group. Nothin’ beats it.

“I love it. Don’t feel all alone anymore in this madness. Feel more accountable to more than just my guilty conscience. Very motivating.” — Ken S.

You will be more successful when you plug in. May seem weird that strangers are here for you, but it’s something many have come to understand and appreciate.

Join us and let’s get you to that place you want to be. If you’re already with is, recommit, plug in and let’s rock this thing.

For questions or genuine help in on the journey that is a Beachbody program like P90X or Insanity, email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need through making me your Beachbody Coach right here.

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