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FREE P90X, Insanity and Body Beast Workouts

You know we love you here at HDIGF ( Sounds cheesy but it’s true. I want you to be successful and you better believe you’re worth it. So much in fact, when you pick up workout programs through this site or its links, you get free stuff you WON’T get if you pick it up on Amazon, or some lame pirated copy. There’s a saying that goes something like “Nobody brings it like a coach”… and in the case of picking up your workouts here at HDIGF, that’s absolutely true- we’re bringing you free workouts.

Yup- every single Beachbody fitness program purchase here at HDIGF (whether P90X, Insanity, The Asylum, Body Beast, TurboFire or Les Mills) comes with a free bonus. And they’re not lame free bonuses like a key chain or a “List of 5 things you already knew”. In most cases, these FREE “Thank You” bonuses are exclusive, free workouts and in the case of the Grandaddy of them all (P90X)– it’s a whole extension of the program with FIVE P90X+ workouts that ain’t no joke.

Here’s the details? You got ’em:

P90X Free Workouts (Did I Mention P90X+)


When you pick up P90X from, it not only comes with 12 different workouts plugged into a focused, periodized workout schedule guaranteed to up your fitness and get you that body you’ve always wanted… P90X now comes with another FIVE bonus workouts from the P90X+ library. That includes a new interval training workout, a hyped up and much-improved Kenpo and a killer upper body workout. In addition to that,  you also get two bonus “One on One” workouts (including an alternate, SHORTER Yoga program “Fountain of Youth”) that not only up “X” factor but also add some variety in case Kenpo every Saturday gets a little… familiar.

Insanity Free Workout

Insanity is just as crazy as you’ve heard- and if you’re a grad, you can testify. That said, you get an extra crazy workout when you order it up here or if I’m your coach… Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious takes a full Insanity workout and cuts it in half with speed (that’s the fast) and fat-cell depleting intensity (that’s the furious).

Body Beast Free Workout


Silly kids, Lucky Charms are for Beasts. And with that lame intro, Body Beast comes with the Lucky 7 workout- a pyramid style, full body workout that doesn’t look too bad… but kicks your butt by the time it’s over. You can check out the review here and know you get it FREE when you pick up Beast at HDIGF.

Les Mills Combat and Les Mills Pump Free Workouts

Les Mills programs win rave reviews from those who jump into them. Les Mills Combat takes you into body-trashing MMA style training while Pump brings in high-rep dumbbell training to get your sweat on and carve muscle while building endurance. And as it turns out, they’re both fun and infectious and BOTH come with a free workout. In the case of Combat, you get a pumped up Live Combat workout delivered by trainers Dan and Rach. With Les Mills Pump, you get a bonus Core workout- and if you’re lifting, you know core goes a long way with training.

P90X2 Two Free Workouts

P90X2 is P90X’s older brother. Wiser, more refined but from the same kick-butt bloodline so you KNOW it’s good. P90X2 comes with TWO free workouts from the Tony Horton One on One Series: 4 Legs and Upper Body Balance. They’re great for variety and a typical X trash-whoopin’.

Insanity: The Asylum Pure Contact Free Workout


I dunno if the title gave it away but purchase either of the Asylums and you’ll get a free workout called “Pure Contact“. Designed to work on your ground contact training, it’s typical Asylum tough and will make your calves remember who’s boss.  Kick it all off with Asylum Volume 1 here. Then follow it up with Asylum Volume 2 here.

TurboFire Free Workouts

Turbofire isn’t messing around and gives you not one but two free workouts: Ab Igniter and Greatest Hits. These aren’t in the regular package and take an order from your coach or to bring ’em home. And if you know Chalene… they’re ready to see you bring more energy. Turbofire is now at a permanently reduced price. BONUS. You can pick Turbofre up here.

I’ve left a few Beachbody workouts out (10 minute Trainer, etc.) that come with their own free workouts as well but as the most popular, those listed above deliver. And where we want you to have the best experience, the sweetest success and do it with some Coach Dan and love… we’re not too proud to sweeten the pot a little. Now let’s rock it!

Questions? Need details? Hit me up- I’m all about answers.  Email me here or at You can also receive the additional one on one support you need (and thus free workouts when you pick up any of these programs) by making me your free Coach right here. 


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