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When it comes to P90X, P90X2, Insanity or any Beachbody program, support is everything. Whether you’re male or female, looking to improve your health, self-esteem or a make a sexified, eye-popping transformation to a new you… you CAN. Let’s make it happen.

Want to improve the quality of your life, get ripped, lose weight, get toned or explode your transformation into a bonafide Manimal or Bombshell who turns heads at the beach? Welcome home. You CAN do this and I WILL help with unique, YOU-tailored tips, insight, motivation and one-on-one encouragement/accountability you may not find anywhere else. All you have to do is supply the effort.

Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? No question. So let’s do this.

Hi I’m Dan V.– And I’m A P90X Certified Beachbody Coach

You’ve seen the amazing transformations. I can say I’m one of themAND you can be too. If you’re serious about getting fit, I’m very serious about helping you.

The Story:

After being “skinny/fit” most of my life, I got married and just a few years later gained 35 lard-tastic pounds. I was gasping, heart-burning,  jiggling and plodding my way through life every day, all day. Pictures were an embarrassment and I felt old and used up. Obviously, I had some fat to torch and some self-esteem to reignite.

With hard work and a thirst for “solutions-over-hype”, I dove into the P90X, Insanity and Asylum programs. The result has “changed my game” and opened the door to using my real-world success and knowledge of Beachbody’s stellar programs to share with others seeking real, lasting change. I’m also an Officially Certified P90X Coach and one of the first in the country to have the title and training. Do you want the same results? Join me and ridiculous success is waiting on the other side of 90 days.

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  2. Kim Glynn says:

    How can I try a free sample of shakeology as I have tried so many shakes that I didn’t like which is frustrating after you spend the money to buy a whole container. Getting ready to start P90X.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Congrats on your decision to start P90X, Kim! Do you already have the program?

      As for a taste before you buy, We do offer Shakeology samples. I’ll email you the details!

  3. Yia says:

    I would like to get a sample of the shakeology. Can you tell me how I can get it too?


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