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Five Progress Killers To Avoid In P90X, Insanity Or Any Other Program

Nailing the physique you want with P90X or Insanity is a journey. It’s a process of doing the right things– things that don’t lead to overnight change but ultimately lead to dramatic change as you follow the program guides. Of course, there’s always pitfalls along the way– decisions that will keep you from your goal or slow your progress down. Here’s the top five to avoid:

1) Unplug

When you purchased your program, you also bought into a major support network. There’s literally tens of thousands of others across the country doing P90X and Inanity right now. Many of them are on Team Beachbody asking questions and lending support along the way. Of course, that’s what we’re offering here at HDIGF as well– a support network– a resource for you to meet every goal you’ve set out. When you unplug from this support or don’t take advantage of your coach, the message boards or even the program guides, chances are your journey will be that much longer– if you finish at all.

2) Be A Nutrition Slacker

Here I go again. Yada-yada-yada-nutrition-yada-yada. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from individuals who aren’t seeing the results they want and on further review, we discover they’re either not tracking their nutrition (eating too much, too little or even too much of a certain macronutrient… usually carbs), simply winging it or justifying their way to junk food paralysis. If you want results you simply have to commit to eating right, eating at the right times and planning to eat. Going “loosy goosy” through your program will yield loosy-goosy results.

3) Take The Road of Most Comfort

Working out is tough. It’s supposed to be. Fitness is SHOULD push you, challenge you and drive you to new heights. That’s where your body adapts and grows muscle, burns fat and gives you increased endurance. By avoiding an attempt to push yourself through one more rep, one more pull-up or quitting a move a few seconds early/not doing it at all, you’re robbing yourself of the choicest moments in which your body adapts to change. As it’s said, “When it gets hard, the work begins.”

4) Ignore Your Coach

Your Coach is available for a reason– to give guidance and support from experience… that same experience you’re now plowing through. And if you’ve got a good one, they’ll know the programs, know the ins and outs of helping you through them and have done their homework to help you personally. Personally, I do a lot of research and consulting with people who are way smarter than me in the field of fitness and nutrition and offer up both my experience and their expertise right here. And you know what? As cheesy as it sounds– I DO care about your success.

5) Fly By The Seat of Your Pants

Sticking to your program is critical. How can you say it worked or not if you made guesses, fudged a little here and did your own thing? The folks who don’t see success in these programs are the folks who skip an element to their program–whether it’s the food they eat or the exercises they do (or don’t). Following your program will make your journey understandable and easier. And if it doesn’t work? There’s always the return guarantee. In short, the idea here is pretty basic– follow the program.

As mentioned, support is great! Find it here at HDIGF and Fit Spot!


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