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Fit Spot! Daily Challenges: Get Fit. Get Stuff.

Success, recognition and reward go a long way. It’s why we do a lot of what we do… so why should your fitness journey be any different? Sure, you’ve got the ultimate goal of hanging poolside with more confidence than you may have had… well…. EVER– but what about in the journey to get there?

Those of us who’ve traveled the road from round to ripped know it takes time, patience and has its share of ups and downs. Since that’s the way it goes, I wanted to design a reward system that would keep you active and involved not only Fit Spot! but lined up with your goals… all with a focus on putting an extra dollop of fun into it all.

Introducing Fit Spot Daily Challenges!

Here’s how it works… the details (kind of) short and sweet:

  • Every Day of the week (starting each Monday and running through Saturday over a two week cycle), a Fit Spot! Challenge will be posted to the Fit Spot! Facebook group. Each daily challenge will have something to do with your daily nutrition, workout, sharing your story, spreading the love or just getting you involved and having fun in the fitness journey process.
  • Those who complete the week’s challenges (all six of them- Sundays will have no challenge) and post their challenge results (proof) in Fit Spot! every day will qualify for a spot as the Weekly Challenger Champs. Challenges must be completed on the day they’re assigned (a 24 hour window) .
  • Ding! ROUND II– It’s the home stretch! Complete the second week’s Challenges and qualify for the Monday Challenge “Cha-Ching” prize drawing where I’ll put the qualifying names in a magical hat and record the live drawing. “Cha-Ching” will be cool- T-shirts, supplements, gift cards, assorted rad stuff… you name it. Every 14 days we’ll have a different Challenge “Cha-Ching” prize and winner. Will it be you? Make it so!
  • Rinse, Repeat. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have not only completed your journey to get fit but possibly even claimed some cool loot along the way.

Ready to get back in the game? Think you’re up for it? The Challenge is ONLY available to Fit Spot! Members… so get with your program, recommit and achieve not only the body and health you’ve always wanted but free stuff as well.

It all starts now and it’s only in Fit Spot! on Facebook. Want in? It’s only for individuals I coach, so get that out of the way right now by assigning me as your free coach and get involved today! 

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