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Fit 2 FAQ: Weight Loss Boobs and Vegan Recovery

OK, honestly, I never thought I’d be using the word “boobs” in a post title or as anything but a reference my my pre-P90X “man-maries” but sure enough, there it is: “boobs” in big ol’ b’s and o’s.  But hey, if we can’t talk honestly and maturely about fitness and its effects, what can we talk about? Well, you know… besides weather and Miley Cyrus.

Anyway. Onward!

I’m Getting Fit and My Boobs Are Shrinking!

Question: This might be… TMI [Too Much Information]? As I’ve lost weight, my breast size has reduced as well. Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening or gain size back?

First things first- I’m a guy. I used to have guy boobs but I was happy to see them go so I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. Truth be told, boobs are cool, but they certainly don’t define you and a reduction in “chest measurement” due to fat loss shouldn’t be too much a cause of concern. An athletic, fit body is a rockin’ body no matter the cup size:


So here’s one of the benefits and, depending on your stance, of fat loss. Breasts are mainly made up of fat tissue. The body kind of determines where fat loss starts happening first and in the ladies… sometimes that’s the first noticeable thing to go. Good news is, you can know you’re losing fat. And really, that’s just a good thing all around. As for “pumping them back up” to their “pre-weight loss size”… barring implants or other procedures or miracle pills, that means getting fat again.

Cup size or not, the new you is a better you. There’s a lot of happiness to be found in that.

Recovery Formula Without Whey Protein

Question: I try to eat vegan and steer away from dairy but the Rest and Recovery Formula uses whey protein. Is there something else I can do for post-workout? 

There totally is- and where Recovery Formula is based on a principle of 4 part simple sugars to 1 part protein (Recovery Formula details here) for maximum effectiveness and supa-fast absorption (whey is quickly sucked up by the body… bing… leading to it’s common use), the trick is just finding a protein that’s not, in your case, animal-based. While plant based proteins don’t absorb as quickly due to their more fibrous content, don’t sweat it- the sugar will help shuttle it to where it needs to go.

In your case, I’d suggest a pea or rice protein (not hemp- too much fat and fiber). Chances are if you’re vegan, you already have some on hand.

That said, here’s how to ensure that 4:1 mix (and though not a perfect solution, it’s pretty simple):

  • 12 oz. of pure grape or apple juice.
  • 10-ish grams of your plant protein.

Mix. Slam.

That’s about it. you just want to make sure that if you are taking in 45g sugar, you have 10-12g protein. So if your protein is a 20g scoop, you just have to do a little reduction in the standard serving size scoop.

Remember- 4:1 is the ideal you’re shooting for (4 parts simple sugar:1 part protein).

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