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Don’t Like Water? Liven It Up!

Water is the goods. After all… your cells consist of anywhere between 60-90% of it. But if you’re not used to drinking much of the clear stuff, downing close to a gallon or more of it a day can be a “Wha-wha!?” moment. The fact most of us are probably chronically under-hydrated while going through higher performance programs like P90X , “You’ll sweat and like it” gushfests like Insanity/Asylum or even Body Beast (or if you’re simply sweating to ANY workout)? We need to get our H20 on.

You Don’t Like Water?

I actually get this quite a bit–what if you’re one of those people who’ve never had water without an ingredient list? What if thought of gulping down water makes you want to rethink your will to live? I know the feeling…. especially if you’re living in an area where the tap water kind of tastes like licking a swamp. There’s always the option of bottled water but where water is free and 99% of the time safe… why spend the extra coin?

Ultimately, your body is better served by the pure source. That is, after all, what we’re learning about nutrition and whole foods. The closer to the source, the less chemical additives and unneeded stuff goes into it and the more your body likes it. And when you’re drinking water, you’re giving calorie-heavy, sugar-packed, fiber free juices a well deserved break. Not to mention their “innocently chemical filled” Calorie Free cousins.. and that includes water flavor packets.

Give Your Water a Kick In The Pants

Thanks to a few ideas inspired by my second favorite fitness nerd and Steve Edwards cohort Denis Faye, there are ways to ditch the flavored drinks for the stuff your body craves: cool, clear agua:


Yes, the old stand by. A wedge of lemon, lime or orange (or all 3!) into your water can really give a refreshing punch to the “plain ol'”. My Lady-Friend is not a fan of the lemon water but I’ve enjoyed it since time immemorial. If you’re not down with the “squeeze”– we found an awesome twist on the idea. Slice lemon and orange circles into a pitcher and put it in the fridge for a few hours. No squeezing necessary and man, that stuff be refreshin’.

Pop The Bubbly!

So yeah… that whole carbonation thing. If you like your aqua beverages “sparkling”, carbonated waters aren’t a bad choice. Mostly because the old carbonation “sucks out your bone calcium” was kind of shown to not be all that true.


If you’re into decaffeinated herbal tea, you’re in luck because this is on the list of “go for it”. It’s not “technically” a tea but it steeps to flavor up your water so we’ll call it that just for the sake of keeping things simple. Either way, it’s got flavor and fruitier flavors can be a nice change of pace.

Minty Fresh!

Yes, the old toothpaste and breath freshening standby mint can really bring some zest to a tall cold glass of water. With leaves broken up, it’ll make your water mint-ariffic. Add some tang with the citrus tips above.


Springing for a water filter (or Brita style pitcher filter) can make your water taste better. At worst, you’re cleaning it out.

Cool As A… !

Despite the outdated cliche, cucumber has a fresh taste that puts a cool spin on your water. If you’re feeling crazy, the citrus slice idea or mint combination makes for some variation as well. Just cut up a few cucumbers and dump them in a pitcher. Enjoy.

While some of these may seem a little “earthy” at first, you’ll soon find your taste buds acclimate and begin enjoying these flavor combinations. When it’s all said and done, you’re doing your body and workout hydration a long-term favor. You’ll retain less water, which means you’ll look less “soft” and more able to show off that new found definition. So go on… drink up!

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