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Don’t Be a P90X or Insanity Pirate

I have it on good authority every time anyone accepts, steals or buys a counterfeit, downloaded or otherwise junk copy of P90X or Insanity, somewhere a lonely kitten becomes morbidly obese and drowns in its own tears.

I can’t really confirm or deny that, but there’s no doubt P90X, Insanity or even Slim in Six fall prey to pirating– aka– people stealing and making money from things that aren’t theirs. And while I have to admit “piracy” is such an old-timey term it conjures up images of bearded men sailing rickety ships in peg legs, striped bandannas and nose-stinging hygiene, it doesn’t make the problem any less real.

Stolen, downloaded and straight-up fraudulent copies of the world’s best workout programs (P90X and Insanity) are everywhere. Instead of paying $120, you can buy them off Ebay ($40-$50) or burn them from a friend (Free) but honestly, while it’s fun to get something of value for nothing, it doesn’t mean you should.

First, Pirating P90X or Insanity gets you nowhere. These programs aren’t all about the workouts. They’re about changing your life, understanding nutrition and doing it all with integrity– not cheap and easy shortcuts. Take the first step in your transformation by doing the same.

Second, original copies of P90X and Insanity come with nutrition guides. These nutrition guides are at least half the value of the program. They help you understand WHAT you should be eating, WHY you should be eating it and HOW MUCH of it you should be taking in as you go along based on YOU. If you don’t have the nutrition guide, chances are much higher you’re not going to succeed in the program.

Third, real copies of P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, etc. have customer support and WORK. Bootlegged and pirated copies often times have no recourse. They’re made by people trying to catch the rising tide and a fast buck and often come scratched or missing discs… and then you’re stuck with them. If a DVD purchased from HDIGF or Beachbody doesn’t work, they’ll be replaced free of charge. Buying cheap or stealing for free isn’t getting a “good deal”. It’s shorting yourself on understanding how the programs work and more often than not, you’re throwing money away.

To quote another successful coach I know (Coach Wayne), “The way I look at it, time is money, and even if you think your time is only worth minumum wage, you are going to spend over 90 hours doing these workouts in the next 90 days. That’s a lot of time! Isn’t it worth it to you to have the REAL DVD’s, the whole package of materials, and the customer support of Beachbody when you need it to be sure you get the most bang for your buck?

In the end free is fun, but for $120, you’re getting something that could very well change your life and the lives of those around you. For integrity, a new outlook on life and a supercharged bump of self-esteem… that’s a very, very small price to pay. 

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  1. jr says:

    people always think i’m crazy for paying what i did for p90x. but this first point about changing your life and emphasizing self-discipline that was made in this article is something i’ve never been able to express to other people. they just look at me even more crazier. i usually just smile and say it’s worth it to buy the dvds, but they never believe me… lol…

  2. Chris says:

    I did a round of P90X in college with a friend using downloaded videos. I’m not proud of it, and now I’m doing my second round after buying the program like I was supposed to in the first place. I may even buy the program a second time and gift it to a family member just to wash the stink off of doing a full round as a pirate.

    If there is one way to describe people in today’s digital society, its this. People are ADDICTED to free. They’ve been pirating since they were twelve years old on napster, and eighty percent of them will never stop. It’s the responsibility of beachbody coaches to ensure their team members are working out after paying their dues and buying legitimate copies of beachbody workout programs.

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