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DAY 30– Change IS Coming

When you’re doing a program like P90X or Insanity, Day 30 is a dangerous time. For some reason, this is the magic number (give or take a week) far too many people lose their momentum. Don’t be one of them.

That’s not to say I don’t understand where they’re coming from. Your journey through your program will be filled with ups and downs. There could be a heaping pile of reasons for your frustration but nine times out of ten, they’re misplaced. Despite what you think, if you’ve been following your nutrition guide and doing the workouts, things ARE HAPPENING.

Take Ryan, for example (with a special thanks to him for allowing me to share the story). Ryan took his before pictures at Day one of P90X. He took another set at Day 30 after eating well and pushing play every day:

After seeing yourself in the mirror from the front every day for 30 days, you may not notice a difference. But with the pictures, you can see some changes- more arm definition, slimmer through the torso. Not HUGE, MIND-BLOWING CHANGES but changes. Still, this is from the front… your typical view.

What Ryan didn’t check out much was the view from the back… and it’s here you can see some real evident change kicking in:

Peace out jelly rolls! Hello, slimming effect! THERE WAS VISUAL CHANGE after 30 days. When Ryan saw this, he made the following comment:

This is the first time I’ve compared these photos.  I should have looked at them earlier…I wouldn’t have let all the excuses set me back if I had.  My spare tire and back fat is diminishing! [And because Ryan is awesome and has a great sense of humor…] I need to get some sun, though.  Badly. “

Trust the program! Do the workouts! Follow the nutrition guide! Trust yourself to finish the program because when you do (and you CAN) results will come! If they don’t or aren’t, it may be time for some honesty and a commitment to stop the justification: Cheating and eating junk here and there does you no favors. If you’re in that boat, tighten it up, recommit and get going! You’ve got a team that has your back!

When it comes to programs like P90X and Insanity, the only thing holding you back is you… and in the case of Day 30 results and frustration, it’s probably more in your mind than reality. Recommit and rock this thing!

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