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Coach Check-In: 11.29.10

Now that we’re on the downside of the holiday equivalent to “Temptation Island” and going full-tilt into the Christmas/New Years, I hope everyone had a great and healthy (guilt-free) Thanksgiving—and that everyone survived the shopping shenanigans that followed!

Business first: This week, I sent the Check-In and Update email from a new address (coachdan74 @ and want to make sure you received it. I put a few hyperlinks in the email and sometimes spam traps get all sensitive with that kind of stuff. Would you mind confirming if you received them with an email or comment below? For now, I’ll put them up on the site in case anyone misses one.

So hey– It’s a new week and for me, I’ve just started a new round of P90X with some Insanity (on cardio days) thrown in for good measure. The official word is “hybrid” and while some folks enjoy naming them stuff like “Thundercloud” or “Spank Storm”, I’m keeping it simple. This time around I plan to up the intensity (and the laugh factor from anyone who sees me) with “Backpack-O-Rama”. So here’s the deal, after a few rounds of P90X, you’ll be able to punch out pushups like it’s going out of style—working through a ton before you “feel the burn”. I want to get back to Day 1, “holy-crap-ouch” type intensity, so I pulled a backpack out of storage and loaded it with 25 lbs. of weight plates. Needless to say, it’s like starting all over again!

Speaking of intensity, how’s everyone doing on their goals and motivation? This week should be a kick-off for a lot of you and I’ve been receiving a heap of great questions. Here’s a couple (including a great one I received today—thanks, Scott!) that I’ll add to the Q & A section of How Do I Get Fit:

When should I take my recovery drink?

For results and “bring it” performance, the recovery drink is absolutely critical. A recovery formula refuels your work-out depleted body, helps muscles rebuild and reduces muscle soreness because of it. It’s important you drink it within 20 minutes of your workout. After that, wait an hour or so before you eat breakfast (if you’re working out in the morning) or next meal. As a note, you should be hungry again about that time as your body soaks it up. If you’re not hungry, you probably didn’t work as hard and your body didn’t need as much of it. For more about Recovery Drinks, click here.

Should I work out with a chest cold?

There are a couple different schools of thought on this one (and they’re usually personal preference). When you’re sick, your body is working hard at punching the lights out of the virus/bug that thought it was cool to set up shop in a few cells. Since your body diverts energy and resources to combat it, your energy levels will be down and you won’t be able to maximize your workout like normal. In some cases, you run the risk of  making your symptoms worse.

You may be able to work through it/around it by keeping the intensity down but again, you know your limits. The most important thing is listening to your body and not taxing your system (especially congested lungs) with an intense workout.

 The generally accepted rule of thumb is this : “Above the chest (sinus, sore throat), work out, in or below (chest congestion, coughing), take it easy.” Personally, as frustrating as it can be, I take the time off to recuperate with a focus on getting back to it as soon as possible– usually in a couple days.

How Do I Get Fit (.com!) has a few new posts as well and will be getting a ton more this week:

Bringing It: We hear it all the time, but what does “Bring It” really mean?
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Three (Good) Reasons to Sign Up For Team Beachbody: I’m a fan of Team Beachbody. Here’s the legitimate reasons why.
Thinking Positively: Why It’s Important and How to Do It: Negativity may be the new hotness, but that doesn’t make it cool. Recognize and avoid the rut!

There’s a lot there to digest this week but before I sign out, a special shout-out to Jeff, Scott and Jim. Jeff kicked off P90X today and has put a solid plan into place he’s sure to rule with an iron fist of dedicated awesomeness. He might say P90X gave him the kick-off (straight in the butt), but he’s asking questions like the dickens and isn’t afraid to do it. He’s intent on success and making sure he’s going about it the right way. You need to do the same! I’d also like to officially welcome Scott and Jim to the team!

In the mean time, really do want to know how everyone’s doing. Lemme know how things are going, load me up with updates, questions or anything else. I’ll be sending chocolate Shakeology samples out in a couple days, so if you haven’t requested one already and are interested in getting started on this spectacular product, send me your address via email so I can get you on the list!

Keep rockin’ it!

Coach Dan V. 

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