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Can I Work Out When I’m Pregnant? MC Did…

Pregnancy is the real deal– full of changes, new feelings, amazement, miracles and new levels of discomfort. But when it comes to me doling out advice on workout out while pregnant, you’ll need to talk to your Doctor and let them have the final say.

But I do know pregnancy is often an “excuse” where one doesn’t need to exist and there’s plenty of myths out there as to working out and the subsequent health of both mother and baby. Despite the understandable concerns that come with pregnancy and wanting the best for both mother and baby, the general rule of thumb is do what you were doing before you got pregnant. If you were working out, in most cases you can keep working out- don’t stop.

After all, there’s plenty of potential benefit to be had, including:

  • Reduced risk of premature labor and very small birth weights
  • Shorter labor
  • Less weight gain during pregnancy
  • Better recovery after pregnancy

Now I won’t pretend to know what pregnancy is like but for what it’s worth (not much, I know) I’ve been by the side of my wife who’s been there three times and worked out throughout her pregnancy up to the day of delivery. As it turns out, she was fine, the pregnancies went smashingly and we’ve got three healthy, happy kids.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, your Doc should always be consulted but many of the concerns most people have are unnecessary unless told otherwise.

And as for Mari-Catherine’s story? She tells it much better than I do:


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