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Body Beast Results: Carlos

Body Beast is a relatively new Beachbody program but one that’s already delivering shirt-ripping results to those who dedicate themselves to trainer Sagi Kalev’s 12 week program for  “Beasting Up”. Case in point? My buddy Carlos Sanabria.

Carlos had completed P90X and got some pretty impressive results… but after a couple personal struggles found himself a bit derailed and unmotivated having gained over 20 lbs. “I felt tired all the time and very weak”. At this point, Carlos was feeling pretty low.

To get his fire back, Carlos changed up his routine and jumped in to Body Beast. With Shakeology and dedication to the Body Beast meal plan, Carlos ended up LOSING 4 pounds, five inches off his waist (36″ to 31″) and 4% Body (15-11%)  fat while adding a full inch to his biceps and inches and real definition to his chest. Even better, his visual results speak for themselves:


Body Beast Inspiration

There were a few reasons Carlos hopped on the Body Beast Bandwagon- one being very personal:

“On Christmas of 2011 my grandma passed away because of respiratory problems do to her being an obese woman. Less than a month after that my grandfather, her husband, passed away due to a stroke. My dad, my uncle and my aunt are all over weight… I am 5’10” and I was reaching 195 lbs at the time. I knew obesity runs in the family and I needed to do something about it. I wanted to be the exception on the family. I wanted to teach my parents, my brother, my sister and everybody else in my family that obesity is a choice and we can do something about it. So what I did, is that I bought a swimsuit size 32 when I was size 36 and saw it as a goal. I wanted to fit into that swimsuit and I wanted to buy an awesome dress suit.”

What Got You Started With Body Beast?

“Before doing Body Beast I had done P90X so I new what it was like to have abs and defined shoulders. The only problem – I didn’t have that fit body anymore. I was going through some tough moments in my life and my body showed it. I met my awesome coach while surfing the internet and got inspired by one of his articles. I did a couple of months of P90X and then he got me all motivated with Body Beast. I’ve never been able to actually grow muscle and I knew this was going to be it. I wanted to see my biceps, my chest and my shoulders grow and so I bought the program and joined his challenge group.”

How Did You Motivate Yourself to Follow Body Beast Every Day and Do Your Best?

“I motivated myself everyday keeping focused on my goal. I wanted to fit on my 32 in. swimsuit, I wanted to look good in a tank-top and I wanted to let my family see that fitness can be part of your life by making it fun. I got motivated when I told people about what I was doing and when they noticed that results were showing it motivated to push harder. Other people told me that I was too hardcore and that I would not be able to get a nice body in just 90 days… I proved them wrong.”

How Was Your Nutrition During Your Body Beast Transformation?

“Easy – I followed the Book of Beast nutrition tips [that came with the program]. I calculated my calories using the book and created seven different daily meals for the first two months using MyFitnesspal. I planned all of my meals in advance and tried to always do my cooking on Sunday nights so I didn’t have to worry about cooking during the week too much. I had two cheat meals a week, I didn’t drink any sodas, no ice creams and no pizzas. I did a couple of the Body Beast recipes such as the Chili and the egg salad and the are Yummy! I ate a lot of brown rices and beans, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, chicken breasts, tuna, salmon and flank steak. Finally, since I wanted to lean out too and feel energized during the day, I used Shakeology everyday. I made sure to have it in my mornings about an hour after my workout so I got all the great nutrients from it into my body.”

Body Beast- What Was Your Favorite Part?

“My favorite part of Body Beast… I loved the program so much, that I don’t have ONE favorite. Sagi is fun– he makes you laugh and he gets you pumped. He is serious about what he does and serious about helping you out. He teaches you how to lift, how to do every exercise right and how to make it fun. That’s one of his rules – to make the workouts fun. Other than that, the music used in the intro gets me fired up!”

What’s Next With Body Beast And Your Fitness?

“Since I liked Body Beast so much I’m going to do two more rounds of the Beast. I started Body Beast at 170 lbs, 15% BF and 90 days later I’m at 166lbs and 11% BF. I’m not finished yet… I want to be at 180lbs, 9% BF. I don’t want to be a bodybuilder but I want to have more muscle. So I would say two more rounds of Body Beast, then keep doing Beachbody workouts cause they WORK.”

How Has Your Body Beast Transformation Helped In Your Every Day Life And Ultimate Goals?

“Body Beast has changed my life in a HUGE way. I have now become a more confident person. With confidences comes responsibility and with responsibility comes success. I walk taller, I talk with a deeper voice… I am just a better man. I now can tell people that in just 90 days you can change your body and change the way you think about fitness.”

Some Dudes Tend To Think They’ll Get Insta-Huge by Simply Lifting Weights For A Few Weeks. What Advice Would You Give Them?

“Lifting heavy weights alone won’t actually get you huge and ripped. Gaining muscle is really hard to do and it won’t just happen by simply lifting weights. You have to lift AND eat like a beast. The amount and the types of food you eat during your bulking phase is very important. If your nutrition is not on the spot, you might end up growing a belly and not muscle. Three days of the week I ate 200 calories less than the 2,800 cals that the book recommended. This way my body burned a little bit of more fat those days and so got leaner at the same time I was growing muscle.”

Carlos rocked it and continues to do so! For questions as you move through Body Beast, feel free to email me here or Even better, I’m all yours when you make me your free Beachbody Coach right here. 

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