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Biggest Loser Reality… And Why You’re Not A Biggest Loser

This isn’t a Biggest Loser bash. I watch The Biggest Loser. And like it.

I don’t know if that’s a confession or not but I don’t watch it for the great trainers, made-for-TV stories of inspiration and its illustration of serious change for people when they have a shotgun wedding for Hard Work  and Nutrition. Truth is, I don’t care who gets voted off. I don’t care about the inherent drama or challenges or strategy. I just like the workout segments- when contestants are being pushed and break through their excuses to become more than they thought they could be.

And while The Biggest Loser awesomely shows people can do anything they set their mind to, as a season-based show with a beginning and end, The Biggest Loser also sets up a heaping pile of unrealistic expectation. Not in the sense what’s shown can’t be achieved… but the sense on the time frame with which it happens. And maybe a misrepresentation that when it’s over and “won”, it’s smooth sailing from there on out. Both expectations couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, if you’re a Biggest Loser fan I’m here to bust some expectations that may not be realistic when it comes to your own fitness journey.

Weight Loss Takes Time

The Biggest Loser films over a course of 4-5 months, with nutritionists, highly monitored and supervised food intake and up to SIX HOUR A DAY workouts. Under than kind of regimen, you better believe people will be dropping weight like Shaun T. drops his shirt. Of course, in the real world, you’re running up against convenience, daily pressures and time. You can conquer all of them with an hour a day and guess what– that’s enough. You won’t shed 10 pounds in a week (which is in many cases, water weight… which is meaningless pounds if we’re looking at shedding fat). You may not even drop that in a month.

And as I always say… that’s OK.

Putting on weight took time… taking it off will take time AND patience. But it will come off– it just may not be in huge, double digit chunks as seen so often in The Biggest Loser. Judge yourself on your own progress and you’ll be much more satisfied.

Real World Fitness Success Offers Real World Fitness Success

As mentioned above, The Biggest Loser is highly structured and highly focused. It has the potential to create great habits but in a few cases, going back to “the old life” brings the same issues and problems that got the contestants there in the first place. Work and relationship pressures return and time becomes a little more in demand. You may have seen this play out with former winners who gained almost every pound back.

But that’s not you.

Why? Because you’re capable of the changes they’ve made but even better, you’ve prepared for it in the real world. You’re learning how to work out and eat right with the time you have in a real-world environment. There isn’t a chance of you not being able to keep up with it all when you reach your goals because you’re already doing it and have made it a part of your life in a realistic way. You’re training in it. You’re making it happen with a job, kids, stress, etc.

So next time you check out Biggest Loser, get psyched! Their destination at the end of the season can be your destination. What they learn on the show can provide fuel for your fire to change as well. But never ever look to Biggest Loser as the norm. Your life, your journey and the journey of thousands of others who’ve managed to lose weight and look and feel great at home is the norm… and you’re about to join that exclusive club.

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