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Beachbody Coaching: It’s For Real

Any time I mention Beachbody Coaching, people start getting nervous, looking away, shoving their hands into their pockets and start going through their excuse list. They rattle off a list about how they don’t want to “sell” friends and family, despite talking about P90X and their results with people already.

I’m not into the hard sell– I just know coaching is a very, very real opportunity. I was one of those “yeah, but…” guys but I made the decision to become an Independent Beachbody Coach because I believe in the programs and talk to way too many people about them every day anyway. And guess what– in just a month or so I was beginning to see some income. Not millions, but enough to offset some monthly bills.

In short, this is a REAL opportunity. A classic example is Josh Spencer, a guy I’ve known for the last couple years and one who I’ve watched go from recent, paycheck to paycheck college grad to financially independent Beachbody superstar.

As Josh tells it:

Think about my story for a second. Melinda and I struggled financially, lived in a one bedroom apartment, not knowing how we were going to pay the rent, and because I decided to take a risk and become a Beachbody Coach, our lives were forever changed. If it wasn’t for me watching a P90X infomercial one night back in March of 2008, chances are I would have never come across the Beachbody Business. It took a risk for me to start P90X, commit myself 90 days to the program, not skipping a workout, not cheating on my diet or having any alcohol, and then another risk to get involved in the business, commit myself to another two and a half years of hard work just to get where I am today, and to be honest, I live the life! Melinda and I don’t struggle financially, have what we want, have complete freedom, take vacations when we want, and absolutely live life to the fullest!”

Like I said– it’s not hype. I know Josh and have personally witnessed his progress. As of today, Josh is the Top Coach 2010– and just as a note, in 2009 the top coach made over $900,000.

You CAN DO IT. Becoming a Beachbody Coach is for real– a real opportunity to take control of your life and invest your passion in something that can lead you to independence.

Think you can’t do it? Then you can’t. BUT… think you can turn your passion and results into, at minimum, some extra cash every month and at best, a way to pretty much retire a year or two from now? Then get tarted today. I’m on a great team loaded with resources that will help you get there. You’re never in this alone.

Stop making excuses and helping someone else acheive their dream. Join the team, make me your coach and start working on your financial AND physical fitness today

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