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A Trick To Simplify Your Nutrition Guide

To achieve results with your Insanity program (or P90X… or Body Beast), you have to eat right. There’s just no way around it. Show me a person who was disappointed by their results and I’ll show you a person who excused their way out of what they really wanted for what they wanted to eat at the moment… and the moment after that…. and the moment after that.  Not following your nutrition guide… well, as the Beastie Boys yelled it: “I’m tellin’ all y’all it’s sabotaaaaaaage!” You will frustrate yourself, your progress and your goals if you think ignoring the nutrition guide and “just doing” a program like P90X or Insanity is the way to go.*

So yeah: Nutrition guide = good. Avoiding/ignoring it = bad.

Still, soap box lectures aside, not all recipes are necessarily “time crunch ready” which leaves a lot of us wondering… how do I find the time to make this stuff? While some recipes can be time consuming, here’s a trick I learned: FOLLOW THE SPIRIT OF THE GUIDE.  By “spirit” I mean this: each meal consists of a sampling of carbs, fats, protein and micronutrients as found in vegetables and/or fruit in suggested portions based on your goals. You don’t have to make the recipes but by following their guidelines, you’re going to be in awesome shape.

Simplify Your Nutrition Guide

Let’s use an example: It’s lunch time. Today’s nutrition guide recipe calls for the prep-heavy, 24-ingredient (make dressing, make salad, make pork) P90X Island Pork Salad (see the recipe here and that’s a pic of it above). Not that I’m picking on the pork salad but I made this thing once and while it was awesomely delicious… after creating a rub, cooking the pork, cutting salad ingredients, making a salad dressing from scratch and eating it all two hours later I quickly decided:


BUT if you were to look over the salad’s ingredients and portion recommendations, you can get an idea of what the Island Pork Salad is giving you on the macronutrient front. So, instead of making a salad that takes an hour or two to prep  and finally get down to eating, just look at the ingredient list, (again, using the Island Pork Salad as an example):

Protein: A serving of this recipe calls for 4- 6 oz. pork. Pork is 4-6 oz. lean protein. Lean protein is also fish, chicken, eggs, whey protein, lean red meat… even beef jerky.

Carbs: The recipe calls for oranges and golden raisins- IE, fruit based carbs. You could easily substitute an apple, berries, dark cherries, kiwi or that half an orange the recipe calls for.

Fats: The salad’s dressing delivers your good fats. In this case, you could sub that out for half an avacado, a handful of almonds or walnuts, nut butter or an oil-based dressing on your salad greens.

Micronutrients: The salad greens and vegetables contain micronutrients so simply throwing a salad or some snack vegetables on the side can satisfy this requirement pretty easily.

The secret to simplifying? Break your suggested recipe down by major ingredients and know what your nutrition guide is essentially telling you to eat that meal by way of macros. IE- you could have a turkey burger with a side salad. Bam– roughly the same calories but doesn’t take a day to prep. Want to make it easy as it gets? Nine slices of low-sodium no nitrate turkey lunch meat, an apple and some almonds. Throw a salad on the side and done and done.

See? It’s not that you HAVE to eat what’s prescribed- it’s just about eating the macros (proteins, carbs and fats) and calories as laid out in that particular meal. There’s ALWAYS  food substitutions that work and doing so can save time and simplify… and who doesn’t want more of that?

As I always say, no man/woman is a fitness island and success grows exponentially with support. Stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach right here. Together, we’ve got this!

*If you don’t have a nutrition guide or don’t know what I mean when I say “nutrition guide”, chances are you’ve picked up a second-hand discount copy of your program- and in that case you’ve cheated the system, defeated the purpose of Insanity or P90X and limited your understanding of what the program is all about from the outset. Harsh? Yeah, but the nutrition guide is that important. Investing in yourself by paying for a full program WITH the nutrition guide will always be money well spent and get some real skin in the game which will improve your chances of being successful with it.

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