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A Fit Mom’s Secret Revealed

My wife is a MILF. And before you get all “Dude… seriously?” on me, I’m talking “Mom In Love with Fitness”.

Yes, Mari-Catherine is a Fit Mom.

And while she’s not big into “putting herself out there” (and will promptly punch me in the face for making a post out of this) she recently participated in a “self-love” challenge where she posted an image one of her favorite things about herself:


As you can see, she doesn’t take herself too seriously (high five!) but the responses she got, beyond being kindly complimentary, had a theme: “HOLY S***! How did you get those arms?”


“Outer strength is often a reflection of something stronger inside.”

Fit Mom Secret- There Is No Secret

No doubt, Mari-Catherine is fit, rocks skinny jeans and kicks butt on a regular basis but there’s not secret to it all- and she’d be the first to tell you as much. Her accomplishment simply boils down to this:

Fit Mom Mari-Catherine works out about an hour (or less) a day, watches what she eats most of the time (lots of veggies, complex carbs and lean protein) and enjoys what she wants everywhere else… every day.

Fit Mom Mari-Catherine’s non-secret is called strength in consistency.

But don’t confuse that with perfection. Does MC eat the cookie dough? Heck yes she does but amidst her efforts everywhere else, does it matter? Her consistency has paid of in equilibrium– an equilibrium where “To the victor goes the spoils”- aka, because she eats right and works out consistently, the speed bumps of not mean less. And while yes, if she wants her abs to “pop” on a certain day, cookie dough isn’t going to be on the menu but if that matters to her that week, she knows what she needs to do to dial it in… does it.

Of course, we look on at Fit Mom Mari-Catherine and think, “Wow. She’s made it to hot-bod land”.

MC would be the first to say, based on her own personal goals, it’s not something where she’s 100% pleased 100% of the time. But that’s human nature, isn’t it? The fact is Mari-Catherine knows it’s all a journey- it’s a battle both mental and physical. But she takes it in stride and her physique follows suit.

But don’t confuse MC’s results NOW with having always been. Her results weren’t a quantum leap from flab to fab. Her results came by way of a series of conscious decisions day after day, month over month and year over year that aligned with an end goal– something you and anyone else who wants results like hers can achieve.

Again… that not-so-secret to her success?


Whether you’re a Mom or not… apply it and you’ll see consistency work for you, too.Fit-MomQuestions? Feel free to email me here or at  If you’re looking for fitness support and want to become part of a larger, kick-butt community, you can make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here. You can also find me on Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.

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