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5 Things To Remember When Starting Your Fitness Challenge

So you’ve kicked off your fitness journey. AWESOME. Now comes the challenging part.

Over the next 30, 60 or 90 days you’re going to be faced with a few things virtually EVERYONE runs into when they’re starting out– things with simple solutions that will help you jump the common hurdles that come your way:

Feeling Low On Energy?

If you’re low on energy, there’s a few solutions. The first is usually this: you’re not eating enough. Cutting calories is easy, but finding the right mix to keep you fueled? That’s going to change as you become more efficient in your workouts and your body starts changing to accommodate your new awesomeness. If you’re losing steam or crashing at 4 o’clock int he afternoon, you may want to consider adding an extra snack to your daily routine, bumping your calories by eating 2-300 calories more or even (if you’re doing Fat Shredder) throwing in a couple complex carbs at your meals (oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potato).

Feeling Jiggly When You Didn’t Yesterday?

Drink your water. Most of us don’t get enough of it- and where you’re working out, sweating and losing it, you need to keep yourself replenished. Water also helps bust water retention- something that usually happens when you aren’t drinking enough or took a cheat meal. It’s not fat- it’s water. Your body will run its course if you keep hydrated during the day- and you’ll help keep that mental (I gained fat after that piece of pizza!) worry at bay. You can also do the Shaun T. trick: Put on your belt. If it cinches up to the notch it should, no worries. You may even get a new hole you weren’t able to before.

Lower Back Soreness?

Chances are, you haven’t done a lot of jumping lately. Your workout program probably adds it to the mix. Since we’re not used to “engaging the core”, we’ll often take most of the impact in our backs. The way to do this is tightening those stomach muscles and taking some of the work off that lower back. Hopefully this will decrease as you get better, understand form and engage. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between sore and PAIN. Pain won’t allow you to do much of anything and is something you should see your Doc about. Soreness is from muscles being used that may not have been used in a while. In the case of sorenss during ab work or jumping exercises, it can also be an indicator of a weak core. Here’s some tips on how to tighten that core and save some soreness in the process.

Can’t Finish A Move?

“Do Your Best, Forget The Rest”– Tony Horton’s mantra and one that sums it all up. A fitness program worth its salt will always be rooted in progression. It’ll start you out in one level and take you to the next. When you’re first starting out, that base level may be tough. It’s supposed to be- your body adapts to this stimulus, gets better at it and then starts kicking butt with it. Keep this in mind as you go through your workout. If one move is tough and you can’t keep rocking it at full intensity, drop it back a notch. Do your best there… then, if needed, drop the intensity a notch. The fact is you’re still DOING and doing your best. You keep pushing, but no to the point where you sacrifice form and create injury.

Scale Not Where You Want It To Be?

Put your scale away. Yes, the scale thing again. You’ve been programmed to see the numbers on a scale and think that’s directly proportional to fat loss. Sure, what you weigh is an indicator… but it’s a poor one. Stay off the scale and check it every couple weeks at most. It may move, it may not- but if you’re following your nutrition guide and doing your workouts, it doesn’t matter. The numbers are not what you’re after- the shape of your body, the fit of your clothes, increased energy and the ability to do this week what you weren’t able to do last… those ARE. I promise… change will come and it’s not necessarily on the scale. In fact, some people don’t lose much weight at all, but look great regardless. Put the scale away and concentrate on performance and progress. The rest will follow.

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