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5 Reasons To Get P90X+ Before P90X 2 Hits

In case you missed the weekly posts, banners and ad to the right, P90X2 is on its way. It’s filled with new moves, new foundation and a promise to make a faster, better stronger you. You’ll be like the Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman but without the parachute or plane accident. And all thanks to a 90 day program you can do in the comfort of your own home.

But what until then? Sure, there’s another round of P90X or a P90X Hybrid with Asylum or Turbofire. But if you’re looking for a bridge–a P90X 1.5 “if you will”– P90X+ is ready to fill the gap. Not nearly as hyped up as the original P90X, P90X+ is out there but many people haven’t heard of it… and that’s too bad. Here’s five (and a bonus!) good reasons you should check into it:

The Next Step

Where P90X built strength and endurance, P90X+ puts that to the test. More than a few extra “cardio day” workouts, you also get some Upper and Total Body and a new core/ab blaster that incorporate balance and full body movement (P90X2 keystones) for workouts. In short– the P90X+ workouts play with your newly earned athleticism and checks to see if it can hang you out to dry. They’re dynamic and fun and the perfect next step to spice up your P90X workouts.

Interval X Plus

Interval training is the goods. It’s the system Insanity is based on and one that’s designed to make the most efficient use of your time while cranking up your results. By kicking your heart rate into the upper ranges and giving it time to come down… then immediately kicking it back up again you burn muscle mayo more efficiently– some studies have shown this increases the burn in the hours following your workout. Interval X Plus is designed to do just that with a set of 12 moves run in two cycles– forward to back and then back to forward. Each move has three intensity levels starting with a “light” that transitions to a “medium effort” and finishes at “crank-it-the-heck-up” for 20 seconds each.

Excellent For “Free Days”

I use the P90X+ workouts at least two times a week and specifically for my Saturday “Choose Your Own Adventure” workouts where I head to the gym or throw in a training routine where I focus on improving a certain area of my physique/training. If you’re tired of Tuesday Plyometrics, need to give your calves a break and want to give yourself a new challenge, Kenpo Cardio Plus and Interval X Plus can deliver. If you’re looking to spice things up on Saturday, any one of these five workouts will get your heart rate elevated while building strength, coordination and endurance. These are, after all, still P90X workouts.


While you get a whole new program and varied workouts, you get it all for $59.90 which is pretty pretty inexpensive considering P90X is $120. Is more variety and prep-work for P90X2 worth the price of a night out on the town? No question.

Kenpo Cardio Plus

Sure Kenpo X is the second most neglected P90X workout after Yoga. You can see what I have to say about that here (hint: give it a revisit) but if you were ever wishing and hoping Kenpo X could be more intense (and shorter), this workout was designed for you. Jumping, moving, shuffling and sweating is the name of the game in Kenpo Cardio Plus– taking your Kenpo basics and plugging them into a “moving” workout that keeps things varied, up-tempo and powered up.

Bonus: They’re Short

P90X+ workouts are short. 40-50 minutes short, even– which makes them awesome for “on-the-go”, crunched for time days. They don’t make you work any less and still bring the intensity– less break, more activity… more efficiency.

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  1. Simo says:

    Very cheap for the quality of the workouts that you get! P90X+ makes a great way to get you ready for P90X2

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