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Fire It Up! Momentum Edition

Fire It Up Friday once again arrives motivisualizationally nutritious AND delicious. Just in time to fuel your push into the weekend… or any other day of the week for that matter. Of course, we know pretty pictures and verbal kicks to the pants/”I want this” cortex of the brain only go so far. The real fire is in you- the motivisualization is just a little bit of fuel to douse it with. And for those doing the Body Beast program and it happens to be “legs day”, you may need a little extra. :)

No matter the day- remember this: pushing play may be tough at first but you’ll always have two choices- one that takes you to your goal and one that doesn’t. Choose the one that does and you’ll be all the better for it!!! Remember… you want RESULTS, not the hamster wheel of inconsistency!

“Wait a minute this looks familiar…” I know the “I don’t have time” image below has graced the pages of Fire It Up before but… with the quote gaining some real traction out there on the interwebs, I thought I’d better re-do it to get some attribution going. It’s an HDIGF original, after all.

Additional motivation and real-world support can also be found here by making me your Free Beachbody Coach.

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