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Fire It Up! Midweek Fitness Motivisualization

HDIGF’s Fire It Up got wind you may need something special to pump you up and get you firing again on a midweek humpday (not to make any weekday jealous– take your pick, we don’t discriminate). And when Fire It Up gets the call for inspiration or snappy words of wisdom, you know it’s ready to arrive with a kick in the lazy pants and a haymaker to “I’ll do it tomorrow’s” ugly face. It’ll come at you, Bro.

After all, “NOW is the magic word of success. Tomorrow, Next Week, Later, Sometime, Someday are often synonyms for the failure word “Never“. Lots of good dreams never come true because we say “I’ll start someday,” when we should say, “I’ll start RIGHT NOW.” –David J. Schwartz.

Yup. So get on it, get after it and keep that momentum going… FIRE IT UP!!


┬áStop saying “tomorrow” and start doing TODAY. Real-world support, accountability and motivation can be found in ready supply and then some when you by make me your Free Beachbody Coach here.

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