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3-DVD Insanity Deluxe Upgrade

Did you love Insanity as much as we did? Do you already own the Insanity package, want more Shaunt T. or are you chomping at the bit for even more workouts? Would you like to buy the Deluxe Package, but want to save some coin/already have a mat and calipers?

Here’s your dream come true: Introducing the Insanity Deluxe 3-DVD Upgrade. Get ready for Max Interval Sports Training, Insane Abs and a FREE Upper Body Weighted Workout, where you and Shaun go one on one to work out your entire upper body.


Get 2 more INSANE workouts—plus a bonus workout absolutely FREE!

  • MAX Interval Sports Training: Interval workout designed for elite athletes. (55 minutes)
  • Insane Abs: That six-pack was just the beginning. When you do this intense ab routine, you’re going to find muscles you never knew you had. (33 minutes)

Plus a FREE workout!

  • Upper Body Weighted Workout: Because even Shaun T lifts weights on occasion! Go one on one with Shaun to work your entire upper body—chest, back, arms, and shoulders. (48 minutes)

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